Case Studies

See how GWS Tool Group has helped companies save time and improve their bottom line through custom tool solutions.

GWS Makes the Dream Work

The customer was experiencing extreme concentricity issues when drilling and reaming two components for their front and rear cabin assembly. They were facing long cycle times and extended production. GWS was able to reduce cycle time by 82% with 2 custom tools.

Less Inserts Turn Into More Savings

A large global medical device manufacturer was facing long lead times, excessive production costs, and high scrap rates. GWS was able to provide a custom tooling solution that resulted in over $25,000 in cost savings.

Hurrimill® Storms In To Generate Serious Savings

Not every machining challenge requires customization, which is why GWS Tool Group offers a huge selection of ultimate performance cutting tool options for smaller shops or applications that need them. In this case, a large automotive job shop was looking to improve tool life and if possible, metal removal rate...

6-Figure Cost Savings!

Customer was producing over 100,000 pistons per year, and part of the process was producing the groove around the circumference of the part. For this application, the manufacturer was using a custom PCD grooving insert, made in Japan, to do the job. The insert was walking slightly, which led to semi-constant adjustments needing to be made all throu

4 Tools In 1

Customer was producing various heating and cooling valves out of 360 brass in high volumes. The internal valve featured two internal hole diameters with an angled chamfer between the two features...

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