The Situation

Customer was producing various heating and cooling valves out of 360 brass in high volumes. The internal valve featured two internal hole diameters with an angled chamfer between the two features. The tolerance of these features was extremely tight (+0 / – 0.0004).  The customer was using a total of four tools to complete the operations (chamfer tool, spot drill, and two drills). With the use of so many tools, the set-up time to get all four tools dialed in to produce the valves was approximately 5 hours for all of the five total parts needed. Scrap rates due to finish issues or concentricity issues were frequent.

Current Process Results

  • $8,640 cost of set-up time for a single part per year
  • $43,200 annual set-up costs for 4 tools (5 total parts)
  • 5 hour set-up time
  • Tolerance of features: +0 / – 0.0004

New GWS Solution

  • Step drill with an intermediate chamfer tool built-in
  • Set-up time reduced to 30 minutes
  • Cost savings of $5,040 per part (5 total parts)
  • Total Cost Savings: $39,600!


Our team at GWS Tool Group designed a step drill with an intermediate chamfer tool built-in that could exceed the tool life of the next best tool. Concentricity of all hole dimensions were well within tolerance, thereby eliminating any of the customer’s previous scrap issues. On top of that, the previous finish that was listed as just “okay” before was now even under a microscope, the best they had ever seen! While the customer was initially reluctant to try a new combination tool given prior failures with other companies, GWS Tool Group’s reputation as the leader in custom tooling solutions won the day for this customer and our distribution partner.

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