The Situation

The engine manufacturer struggled with an extended cycle time, drastically reducing their overall production efficiency. Their precision diesel block demanded stringent specifications, leading to a complex and labor-intensive production process. This involved a sequence of two drilling operations and a reaming phase. The initial step involved drilling a through-hole, creating a counterbore, and then reaming. The drill was then switched out to craft the second hole, followed by another counterbore and final reaming. This cumbersome process was a significant bottleneck in their production line.

The client urgently sought solutions to minimize cycle time and tooling expenses. The current tooling approach was not only costly, with an annual tool expense of $131,000, but also inefficient. Each tool, priced at $348, could only deliver 5,500 holes before needing replacement.

Current Process Results

  • 3 tools required - 2 drills and a step reamer
  • 5,500 holes per tool
  • $348 per tool
  • $131,000 annual cost

New GWS Solution

  • 2 tools - 1 drill and a step reamer
  • 7,200 holes per tool
  • 30% tool life increase
  • $209 per tool cost
  • $70,538 annual cost
  • $60,462 cost savings


Faced with the customer’s complex production challenge, GWS designed a custom solution that not only enhanced efficiency but also yielded significant savings. Introducing a custom step-drill reamer, we were able to consolidate the toolset. Instead of relying on two drills and a step reamer, we reduced it to just a single drill and reamer. This strategic adjustment slashed the need for multiple tools and cut cycle times by a remarkable 33%.

Moreover, the new custom GWS tool, priced at almost 40% less than before at a new price of $209 per tool, represented a savings of $139 per tool compared to its predecessors. Its robustness was further showcased by a 30% boost in lifespan, achieving 7,200 holes before necessitating a replacement.

Thanks to GWS Tool Group’s pioneering solution, our client realized a whopping $60,462 in tooling savings, coupled with a priceless reduction in production time.

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