The Situation

This large, fast-paced customer was facing a major problem: a high changeover rate using their current inserts and unsatisfactory results. To achieve the customer’s precise part dimensions, they were having to use two different inserts, resulting in long tool changes that took too much time and added to the cost of making the products. Their current solution involved two inserts that were used in two separate processes: the left side and the right side. With this current process needing twice the amount of everything, production was being held up. In addition to the production time issues, the customer was having to buy a total of 2,800 inserts a year, 1,400 inserts for each side.

Current Process Results

  • 2 inserts per part
  • 2,800 inserts used annually
  • $41 per insert
  • $114,800 total annual cost

New GWS Solution

  • One GWS custom CBN insert
  • 48% less inserts needed
  • $34.50 per insert
  • $41,400 annual cost
  • $73,400 total tool cost savings


GWS was able to create a custom insert to complete the required part dimensions in one go, rather than using multiple inserts. With the production time now being cut in half, and with the removal of the long tool change process, the company was able to get the production times back on track. Their previous tool cost was $41 per insert, leading them to pay $114,800 a year for a total of 2,800 inserts. Using their new custom CBN inserts from GWS Tool Group, the price per insert decreased by almost 16%, with the annual cost now only being $41,400 since half the inserts or 1,450 total inserts were now needed. This resulted in a total of $73,400 in cost savings, not even factoring in the savings from the now shorter production times! The customer was so impressed with the custom inserts, they decided to replace all of their inserts with custom GWS solutions!

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