Chamber Reamers

The CS series Chamber Reamer takes geometry perfected over decades of experience and combines it with the latest in substrate and coating technology. It applies this technology to every custom design we
produce for rifle and pistol Chamber Reamers.

  • Made to CIP / SAAMI specifications or custom specifications for standardized cartridges
  • Pilots and bushing optional and available upon request
  • Primary & Secondary relief design with cylindrical margin for chatter-free reaming and exceptional finishes
  • Ultra-fine micrograin carbide with high degree of transverse rupture strength (TRS) to ensure toughness in the most unforgiving of machining environments
  • Heat resistant coating
  • Request Custom Reamer Quote

Product Lineup

No Series Found

Supported Applications

Popular Calibers Include:

Rifle Calibers

.22LR.17HMR5.7FN0.37.62MM.224 Valk5.56/.2236.8 SPC6.5.58 Socom

Pistol Calibers

.22LR.380 ACP9MM.40SW.45 ACP10MM5.7FN.38 SPL.357 MAG5.56/.223

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