Meet Somsack Douangdet, one of our CNC Grinder Operators at our GWS-Florida facility. One could almost say that Somsack was destined to find his way to GWS Tool Group at our Tavares, FL location. Since March 2012, Somsack has been working at GWS-FL helping to operate our many CNC grinding machines. When he isn’t keeping the machines running, setting up tools for grinding or diligently inspecting his work, Somsack always finds time to offer help to his fellow employees. When asked why he enjoys his work so much, he is quick to mention that machine tools are a passion of his, one that he inherited from his father.

Growing Up Around Machine Tools

Somsack’s father was a machinist in Chicago, so he grew up around machine tools. He remembers with a quick laugh that he still can recall how to operate manual lathe and milling machines like he did back in 1992. Although technology has allowed CNC machines to be more productive, Somsack doesn’t forget where he started. Prior to working at GWS-FL, he worked out of a local machine shop, perfecting his skills with grinding machines. GWS-FL General Manager Shawn Noland knew Somsack from the machine shop and asked him if he would visit the GWS facility to see if he was a good fit for the team. Once Somsack arrived, he immediately knew this was where he wanted to be.

When asked what made the decision so easy to start working at GWS, Somsack says that it was the people there and how the team worked together that made the decision for him an easy one. He says that there are always opportunities to grow into, and new processes to learn each and every day. He is proud of his work at GWS-FL and the quality of tools that he helps produce. So proud in fact, that he quickly mentions how he has seen emails from customers saying that the tools he helped manufacture outperformed what they used before. Customer feedback such as this is what drives Somsack to continuously try to improve his skill set.

From Struggle To Success

Somsack’s journey to where he is today was one that started many thousands of miles away. His parents who were from Thailand and Laos made the decision to immigrate to the United States in 1979 to find a better life for the family. They settled in Chicago, with each parent having to work two jobs each just to make ends meet. Somsack says he looks back on this period of struggle and hardships with humility, and realizes that the sacrifices made by his parents allowed him to find success today. If you ask him to define what success means to him, Somsack is quick to point to his wife and four children. His two boys and two girls keep him busy outside of work, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gone Fishing

When not perfecting his CNC grinding skills at work, Somsack loves to fish and generally just be outdoors. He lights up when he mentions just how much he likes saltwater fishing, either from shore, bridges or on a boat. His favorite fish to catch are snooks and grouper, and if the size is good enough, they eventually find themselves on his grill! When he isn’t fishing, Somsack loves to travel with his family. Although they have been all over the globe, his favorite travel spot is Key West in Florida, where the whole family likes to snorkel and just get away from it all. When asked about any achievements that might surprise his co-workers, Somsack proudly says that he can live off the grid completely. He knows how to forage, explore in the woods, build a camp and completely survive in the wild!

Interested in a Career at GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Somsack, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Browse open jobs here.