Welcome to our Custom Tool Spotlight, a series that takes GWS cutting tools and gives them mini biographies. Today, we’re talking about a custom 10-flute form tool to be coated with AlTiN for defense.

What’s it for?

This tool is specifically made for one our large tier defense/armament manufacturers. This tool will be used to machine a AR15 Bolt Carrier Group component.

What’s cool about it?

The 10-flute design on this custom tool permits higher feed rates for optimum production while simultaneously providing rigid construction that minimizes chatter. It also features a reduced neck, which provides an abundance of clearance. This tool will also be finished with a multi-layered AlTiN coating, which is ideal for alloyed steels.

custom form tool defense

Why Custom?

With most form tools, there is a precise profile or contour needed to be milled. What often would require multiple tools and milling sub-routines now requires just one tool with simple linear tool paths. In this case, not only are cutting passes and tools reduced, but form tolerances of the part itself are held within 0.0005”.