Meet Carol Witkus, one of our Customer Service representatives at our GWS-Batavia facility, formerly known as Taurus Tool & Engineering. Since 2011, Carol has been working at the Batavia, IL location both entering and helping to expedite orders, invoicing, billing and always striving to go above and beyond for her customers.

Time Tested Manufacturing Experience

Ever since high school, Carol has been working in the manufacturing industry, honing her customer service skills and cutting tool expertise. With her vast industry knowledge, it’s no wonder that she has thrived at GWS-Batavia. In the ten years she has been with us, she has helped in almost every department. Whether it’s on the production floor, assisting the production manager, offering a hand in shipping or quality, or even helping to schedule tool coatings!

What Carol loves most about working at GWS is her ability to work with so many departments, all the while learning from each one which allows her to grow her cutting tool knowledge base each day. She attributes her ability to learn so quickly to those she regularly works with such as Engineering Manager Roger Wise, and General Manager Jim Kantak.

Teamwork Makes The Difference

When asked what one of her favorite memories of working at GWS-Batavia has been, she mentions a story about her being able to help a new customer that was very distraught. The customer had recently run out of tools, which they knew meant having their production line down for days, costing valuable time and money. Carol immediately sprung into action, working to expedite delivery on the milling cutter they needed. She was able to work with the production manager and the CNC operator, both of whom helped to get the tools through production at lightning speed.

The tools were completed in mere days and delivered soon after, saving the customer multiple headaches. The customer was ecstatic, as was Carol for the entire GWS-Batavia team she worked with to make sure this U.S. manufacturer remained up and running. When she thinks about her role at GWS-Batavia, she says that, “I’m really proud of our work, and that everyone I work with also shares that pride in what they do. The quality and lifetime of the tool and the relationship with our customers and distributors is what makes us special.”

Tuning Engines and Turning Up The Volume

When Carol isn’t helping out the team at GWS-Batavia or providing exceptional service to her customers, you can find her enjoying the music at a rock or country concert or the loud noises of drag cars at the racing strip. She used to even put together engines for drag racing, so she can turn a wrench with the best of them!

After the exhaust fumes clear and the bands go home, Carol loves spending time with her family. When she isn’t planning on her next trip to visit her daughter in Arizona at college, she tries to make time for hiking or walking. Her favorite travel spot is anywhere that boasts clear blue waters and white sands. Next up on her travel wish list? A visit to Greece in the next couple of years!

Interested in a Career at GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Carol, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Browse open jobs here.