Meet Elena Taylor, our Customer Service Department Manager – Inserts and Advanced Material, from our GWS-NC location in Arden, North Carolina. Elena has been with GWS since 2021.

Elena is originally from Schwabisch Hall, Germany, and came to the United States while still a university student to complete an internship for a different manufacturing company. While in North Carolina,Elena met Cody Taylor, who was working at GWS-NC. After going back to Germany and completing her degree, Elena moved back to the United States to be with Cody. Cody Taylor is our Engineering Manager at our GWS-NC location, so when Elena was searching for a job in her new country, she came to intern at GWS!

With a background in production, GWS Tool Group was the perfect fit for Elena. Her GWS journey led her through various departments, but it was in Customer Service where she discovered her true calling. Though production management initially beckoned, Elena’s heart found joy in hands-on work, serving our many valued customers.

Currently, Elena manages our Customer Service teams for our GWS-TN, GWS-Canada, and GWS-NC locations. She ensures that the order entries are processed correctly, and helps her greater team to make sure that all our customer’s needs are being met. Her favorite part is that she gets to visit many of our GWS facilities throughout North America. She appreciates getting the opportunity to work with many GWS employees and help the greater team to offer the best customer service available.

Reflecting on her GWS journey, Elena wears her achievements as a badge of honor. GWS was her launching pad into the professional world after finishing her university studies in Germany, and she has soared ever since. Elena is quick to credit those who she reports to and mentors her for guiding her through different career avenues and propelling her to her current heights. At GWS, she values the opportunity for anyone to grow professionally within the company. Promotion from within is the norm, and personal growth is always nurtured.

Elena’s love for GWS extends beyond her work. Being part of a larger company fuels her passion. Not only does she travel to manage her teams, but she’s also a pivotal player on our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software launch team. This new software is the interface every GWS location uses to process orders and  plan the manufacturing of our many standard and custom cutting tools.


Life Outside GWS

When Elena isn’t keeping busy at GWS-NC or visiting other GWS facilities, she’s probably traveling for fun! Elena has been to 19 countries (Spain, Greece, Australia, Thailand, Bahamas, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Italy, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, India, and the United States) and lived in 3 of them! Conversational in two languages, and fluent in two languages, she’s well-prepared for any adventure life throws her way.

When Elena is finally at home in North Carolina, her energy remains boundless. She’s a fitness enthusiast, dedicating 3 to 4 days a week to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and gym workouts. The great outdoors beckon her year-round, whether it’s skiing in winter, kayaking in summer, or hiking throughout the year. She treasures time with friends, from brunch outings to outdoor escapades.

But Elena’s enthusiasm for life doesn’t stop there. Alongside Cody, she’s the proud owner of Riley, an American English Bulldog that serves as the unofficial GWS-NC facility mascot. She’s also an experienced cook, cooking traditional German food, a variety of pasta dishes, and even baking her own bread. Her talents also extend to woodworking, where she creates shelves and benches.


Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Elena, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, California, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Canada. Browse open jobs here.