Meet Mark Dalhover, our Operations Manager at GWS-CA in Vista, California. Mark has been in the manufacturing world for 48 years! He has worked at the same facility the entire time.

Mark’s journey to the manufacturing industry started early as his father owned and operated a machine shop in Norwalk, California. Mark found himself helping around the shop to earn some extra money when he was 13. By the time he was 18, Mark was working full-time as a machine operator at his dad’s shop. As the company started to grow, Mark took a more hands-on approach and transitioned his role to assist in other areas of the company. This included production management, managing current operators, and was responsible for hiring new operators. When Mark’s father passed away in 1991, Mark was equipped to take over the company, and that’s just what he did.

In 2008, Mark’s company was sharing a building with Monster Tool Company, the company that would become our Vista, California facility. Eventually, they combined companies and Mark shifted from Plant Manager into an engineering role. In 2012, they moved Hesperia to what we now know as GWS-CA in Vista, CA.

Now, Mark is responsible for the operations at one of our largest facilities. He assists in training new operators and also works on developmental projects. Mark has a passion for training, he enjoys teaching the next generation of machine operators. Since most of Mark’s knowledge is self-taught, he is excited to pass his knowledge to others who wish to learn more about the production process. The other main part of Mark’s job is to develop new technology that is implemented through the GWS facilities. He has built machines such as an automated cut-off saw and a semi-automated brazing machine. Mark enjoys looking at production as a whole to see how he can improve the processes used. For example, he created new grippers for tool loaders to ensure seamless setups in machines. These process engineering projects are very large and can take months. To complete these projects, Mark must research the new process, potential materials or software, implementation strategies, and what additional labor would be needed.

Mark’s favorite aspect of the job is that it’s never the same. He is constantly being challenged, having to look at problems from different lenses and perspectives. When he is training new operators, he has the ability to pass on his knowledge but also figure out any new issues through the training process. Finding the issue, figuring out solutions, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together keeps Mark always looking for new ways to improve production. Coming from smaller shops, Mark appreciates the structure that being a part of a large corporation like GWS brings.


Mark has always been a busy guy, so not only was he working full-time at his dad’s shop, but he was also working for a European health spa as a bodybuilding trainer. He held both jobs for 4 years! 

During his time in the manufacturing industry, Mark found that his favorite way to inspire new ideas is to attend trade shows to see what others are up to. To further his career and nurture his love of education (both to teach and to learn), Mark is a college student as well! He is attending a local college, currently taking a college course (Microsoft Excel Advanced). He is on the path to graduate with his Mechanical Engineering degree in 3 years, but has become fluent in AutoCAD and SOLID WORKS since starting school!

Mark spends most of his time with his family. He has 3 daughters and two grandchildren! His daughter and her children live very close by, and his other daughters are within a few hours drive. Travel is also important to Mark, and he and his wife love to travel to Hawaii and have been to most of the islands together. They plan on going to Kona later this year, but their favorite island is Kauai, and they recently renewed their vows in Maui for their 35th wedding anniversary!

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