Meet Ryan, one of our CNC Grinder/Programmers at our GWS-MI facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Ryan began working at what was then known as Alliance CNC in 2015 before they became a part of the GWS Tool Group.

Ryan comes from a background in manufacturing with many years of experience. He worked at a plant in nearby Sparta, MI for 25 years as a Tool Grinder so he was already very familiar with cutting tools. While he was looking for a new challenge, a former coworker told him about Alliance CNC, so Ryan quickly applied and soon got the job.

What initially brought Ryan to work at GWS-MI were the multiple opportunities of growth available to him. Whether it was learning more about machining, how to work new machines, tackling difficult problems, and having the ability to progress his career, Ryan knew he was up for a challenge. Although Ryan had experience in the software and machining aspect of his job, he was ready to grow his cutting tool knowledge base and become a better grinder.

Above all at work, Ryan truly enjoys programming and seeing the end result of his work. Starting with a blank and watching it become a finished tool can be very satisfying, being able to apply his skills with each step it takes to create the finished cutting tool. Even when more complicated custom tools are required, Ryan happily steps up to the plate to get it done right. He loves a good challenge but appreciates having an engineer on site assist when needed, and tweak the process until the results are exactly what the customer requires. Not only does Ryan thoroughly enjoy CNC programming himself, but he also looks forward to teaching others how to program. Figuring out how to build and run a program from looking at the tool blueprint is what helps Ryan stay passionate, and allows him to share that passion with others throughout the plant floor.


Life Outside GWS

When Ryan isn’t hard at work at GWS-MI, he looks forward to spending time at home where all four of his dogs come running to lay on his lap all at once. His wife calls him the animal whisper since he’s always surrounded by some kind of animal around the house. He has two Cocker Spaniels that they breed, which recently led to a new litter of puppies to show up this past Christmas Day. They also have a Maltese Poodle and a Lab/Husky mix. A bucket list item for Ryan is to be able to volunteer in some way with animals as he truly enjoys their company.

Aside from keeping busy with all his pets at home, Ryan enjoys working on his kid’s cars, hunting, fishing, and traveling. He has 8 children, including 2 step-children, and 3 grandchildren that he spends the majority of his time with. He also enjoys working with his hands and tinkering with electronics, leading to him being an avid builder of PC machines since 2002. He goes out of his way to make sure he sources each part needed, then relishes the build as he puts together yet another computer for someone to enjoy. Recently that person was his daughter, so he is always looking for new projects to keep him busy!

When asked about something he enjoys that his coworkers may not know about, he answered that he and his wife enjoy exploring abandoned insane asylums and haunted jails! Some of their favorites have included West Virginia, Kentucky, and Traverse City. So the next time you see Ryan, make sure to ask him what his favorite haunted place was!


Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Ryan, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, California, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Canada. Browse open jobs here.