Meet Stephanie Davis, our Customer Service Lead at GWS-AZ, in Surprise, Arizona. Stephanie’s journey with us began back in 2014 when she joined the company, then known as Intrepid Tool, and she has been an integral part of our team ever since.

Stephanie’s then-boyfriend, now husband, was working in the machine shop and heard of an open Production Coordinator position. Prior to finding Intrepid, Stephanie had not heard of the aerospace industry, but she wanted to expand her horizons. Despite having spent nine years in the retail sector and never having worked in an office before, Stephanie saw this as an opportunity for personal growth and decided to make the switch. Her extensive experience in retail customer service served as a solid foundation for excelling in this role, even though the aerospace and cutting tool industry was entirely new to her.

When Intrepid became a part of GWS Tool Group in 2020, Stephanie’s title changed from Production Coordinator to Customer Service Representative. As of May 2023, Stephanie was promoted to Customer Service Lead at our GWS-AZ location. Stephanie is especially proud of this promotion since she worked diligently to better her skill set and work her way up to where she is now. An important factor of working at GWS to Stephanie was the availability to grow in your role if you want, that there is always opportunity for upward movement, something that was lacking in her previous jobs. This experience has not only contributed to Stephanie’s professional growth but has also enriched her as an individual. With a deep sense of pride in her role as a Customer Service Lead, Stephanie goes above and beyond to provide the same level of care and attention to customers that she would expect for herself. She is committed to making every customer feel valued and appreciated.

Stephanie isn’t in this alone though, she is part of a supportive and collaborative team. The entire office at GWS-AZ works together, always supporting each other and helping when needed. Stephanie is grateful for the valuable support she receives from her colleagues, especially Virginia, the dedicated Customer Service Representative at GWS-AZ. Stephanie’s go-to mentor is Nereida, the Office Manager at GWS-AZ, who has been with the company for 17 years and has been instrumental in guiding Stephanie’s professional growth. Not only is there a great Customer Service team at our GWS-AZ location, but Stephaine says GWS as a whole focuses on teamwork, and other facilities work together to best assist our customers.

When a customer was facing a critical “line down” situation, Stephanie and the Customer Service team worked tirelessly to expedite tool delivery, preventing the shutdown and resulting in gratitude from not only the customer but also the end user. “That’s one part I love, is to do whatever I can to help our customers,” says Stephanie.

Life Outside GWS

Outside of work, Stephanie is very family-orientated. She enjoys spending time with her husband, and their families. In fact, her husband’s family meets up and goes to dinner every Friday night! Stephanie’s family enjoys attending renaissance fairs, and have been going since 2016.

Even in the Arizona heat, Stephanie really enjoys hiking, mainly the White Tank mountains! She says if it has just rained, she and her mother-in-law will take the waterfall trail to see the waterfall. Her goal is to go hiking in northern Arizona – in the national parks.

Stephanie has the travel bug – she loves to explore new places and learn history about where she is going. For her honeymoon, she went on a cruise and got to see a lot of beautiful places – but her favorite has been Yosemite National Park. Stephanie dreams of going to Scotland, where her family heritage is from, and Savannah, Georgia to see the beautiful streets and history there.

If Stephanie isn’t off hiking a trail, traveling someplace new, or at GWS, you can find her reading or crafting! She enjoys a wide array of books, but mainly Paranormal and Horror books. She loves to curl up with her two cats, Jasper and Grace. Since she enjoys reading so much and is naturally creative, Stephanie makes her own bookmarks and is trying to make enough to start selling them. She also enjoys making wreaths and makes sure she has one for every season!

Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Stephanie, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, California, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Canada. Browse open jobs here.