Meet Erin Hogan, our Office Manager at our GWS-MI facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Erin has been working at this location since 2016, making sure both customers and coworkers alike are greeted with a warm smile. In addition to offering exceptional customer service when processing orders, her accounting skills and ability to help out in a pinch makes her a perfect fit for the Michigan facility.

From Baby Cribs To Tool Cribs

Since 2016, Erin has been working at the GWS-Michigan facility, when it was previously known as Alliance CNC. Like many of us at GWS Tool Group, we come from many different backgrounds before finding ourselves in the cutting tool manufacturing industry. Erin originally always worked with children in some capacity, and even got her child development degree. When a friend of hers offered her an Office Assistant position at the current GWS-MI facility, she had to give it some serious thought. Eventually she agreed to give it a try and has done such a great job since that she is now the Office Manager. 

Erin is responsible for accounts receivable and payable, managing purchase orders to vendors and from customers, general accounting, processing orders and even helping out in the shipping department. She says that every day is different, which is perfect for her since she loves a challenge. When asked what she likes most about working at GWS, she says that the people at her facility are like family. Everyone is so welcoming, and when she has to deal with other facilities, she likes the idea of being part of something bigger. She has seen GWS grow in its production capabilities and knows first hand how that directly affects her customers in a positive way.

Some of the things she is most proud of accomplishing at GWS is learning about all the customer accounts, continually growing her tool knowledge, and always making sure her facility gets the best prices on items such as office supplies, carbide, and shop floor necessities. Working at GWS is a unique experience for Erin because everyone at her facility is like a second family to her, and always so very helpful. The GWS-MI General Manager, Fred Edmonson, is always available to help her with any questions she may have and is yet another reason she values her work relationships. She loves that GWS keeps growing and that opportunities to grow your career are always available throughout the company. She says that it is truly an honor to work with so many outstanding people, from every single facility and especially those that she works with from our GWS-FL facility.

A Rising Star Guided By Family

When Erin isn’t working at our Michigan facility, she loves to try new things and audition for new projects in her personal life. She prides herself in being different, which started at birth as she is a fraternal triplet along with her brother and sister! When she was only 8 years old, she found herself as a contestant on the Bozo The Clown show, participating in the bucket toss and showing off her dance moves. 

She has since tried her luck at getting into the entertainment industry, auditioning for The Bachelor and making it to the photo shoot level with several sit-down interviews. A local modeling photo shoot was also fun for her to be involved in, and she even got to meet one of the models from America’s Next Top Model. She also says that she loves to sing and has written two country songs so far, so who knows if American Idol is up next? 

Erin has many hobbies, but spending time with her family is the most important to her overall. She looks forward to her weekly family dinners along with spending time with her brother, sister, three nephews and two nieces. On Sundays, you can find her at church, helping with the nursery there. She enjoys walking along the trails at her local park, playing board games with friends, and making tutus for the daughters of her friends and family. She always keeps busy!

Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Erin, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, California, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Canada. Browse open jobs here.