We are very excited to announce that the all new GWS product catalog is ready for release and an interactive digital version is available now! This new catalog boasts over 30,000 items, all of which are stocked standard and sold exclusively throughout the GWS distribution network.  All items offered within the catalog are also now available on the GWS website. Printed versions are at the printer as we speak and are scheduled for drop-shipment to GWS Preferred Distribution Partners, but feel free to request additional copies from your relationship manager or through customer service at sales@gwstoolgroup.com .

This catalog is an accumulation and reconciliation of all the M&A and product development work our team has undertaken over the last few years, and we could not be more enthusiastic about having it ready to deploy. With this expansive standard product offering, we complement our already industry and market leading custom tool capabilities positioning us as an exclusive cutting tool resource for those who wish to lean on us in that way. One way or another, at GWS the perfect tool is always within reach!

List prices for all standard products can also be found on the GWS website, or by making a request for a current and fulsome price list through your relationship manager or through customer services at sales@gwstoolgroup.com . As always, please remember that these are “List Prices” only. Distributor specific discounts established within the GWS Master Distribution Policy Statement and individual Preferred Partner notices should be used to determine net pricing.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your individual GWS relationship manager or as always, email us at sales@gwstoolgroup.com .

Download the new catalog now here or view it online here.