Adding Your Signature

Adding your signature is easy! Just follow the detailed instructions below and your signature will look great.

Step 1 – Use the Signature Maker Tool

First, go to this link to access our signature maker.

Fill out the form using the instructions exactly. When your form is complete, it should look like the image below, only with your details instead of mine.

Step 2 – Select your generated signature and copy

Use your mouse to drag from the last digit on your phone number to just above your name. When your signature is highlighted, it should look just as you see it below. Use your keyboard to copy (hold control and hit the letter c) or right click and “Copy” to copy this signature to your clipboard.

Step 3 – Open your Gmail Settings

If you don’t have access to your Gmail, contact IT. Otherwise, go to the top right corner of your screen in your Gmail and click the gear icon to drop down your settings menu. From there, select “See all settings”.

Step 4 – Create a new signature

Scroll down the page until you see the signatures box (see below.) Click “+ Create new” to pop open the new signature window.

Step 5 – Give your new signature a name

Name it something like “GWS” or anything you’d like.

Step 6 – Paste your new signature

Your signature should still be in your clipboard. If it’s not, go back to step #2.  To paste your new signature, hold control and hit V on your keyboard, or right click and select “Paste.” Once pasted, your signature should look like below.

Step 7 – Apply your signature

Now that your signature is created, you need to select which one you’re going to apply. Scroll down the page a little to Signature Defaults. Make sure your signature default is selected. First, choose your email from the Email Address dropdown if it’s not already selected. Select your new email signature for both options.

Step 8 – SAVE

Scroll to the bottom of your settings page, and click “Save Changes”.

That’s it, folks! Send me an email at to confirm that your email is good to go.