Customers machining materials like 304 stainless steel or Ti-6Al4V know that their tendency to generate excessive heat while sticking to the tool create unique machining challenges that require unique geometry to successfully mill. Enter the PYSTL series end mills from GWS Tool Group, designed with an array of purpose-built features that specifically take aim at such work materials.  

To address the gummy nature of the aforementioned materials, and others like them, the PSTYL end mills all incorporate full eccentric relief. This design element, combined with the right degree of relief, produces a cutting edge that is both rigid and free-cutting. The ability of the cutting edge to shear the work material with as little residual friction after initial contact is critical in producing an end mill that will satisfy the tool life and metal removal demands of today’s manufacturers. 

Other fundamental attributes built in to these end mills that make them ideal for gummy materials like 316L and 303 stainless, are the unequal index design incorporated into the 4-flute and 5-flute PYSTL series tools. This design element reduces vibration in machining operations by breaking up harmonic resonance that is prominent with end mills using equal spacing between each flute. Couple this design attribute with a tapered core, used across the entire series of PYSTL end mills, and you get an incredibly robust end mill that resists both vibration and deflection during machining.

Last, but not least, the series features a nano PVD coating that incorporates elements like Aluminum and Chromium for higher hardness, heat resistance and lubricity. Premium micrograin carbide is used for the base of this Ultimate Performance tool end mill line. The series, which includes 4, 5 and 7-flute end mills is available in diameters 1/8” to 1-1/4” with radii from 0.010” to 0.250”.  Our “PYSTL Grip” shank treatment, for added anti-pullout protection, is also available upon request.

If you are struggling with milling gummy, difficult-to-machine materials like 6Al4V-Ti, or are simply looking to possibly upgrade your current milling operation, give the PYSTL series end mills from GWS Tool “a shot”.

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