Zombie Whirler

“You Just Can’t Kill the Zombie”

Precise geometries make GWS Zombie Whirlers leaders in high-performance single-point threading.

Features of the Zombie Thread Whirler:

  • Proprietary ultra-fine micrograin carbide
  • Advanced CVD coating for exceptional wear and heat resistance
  • Tailored geometry for reduced friction during threading

Why “Zombie?”

Our Zombie whirler was coined by one of our very own customers. The zombie outperformed other thread whirling inserts time and again, leading to the conclusion that you just can’t kill the zombie.

Request Your Zombie Whirler

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More about the Zombie

The undeniable demand for high-volume threaded parts has created the need for thread whirling technology.  The Zombie Whirler addresses this need with performance, accuracy and exceptional tool life.

Long-Lasting Single-point Thread Whirling

“You Just Can’t Kill the Zombie” means exactly what you’d think. The longevity of the tool is unmatched. The term “Zombie” came directly from our customers, who noted that they just couldn’t seem to kill the insert.

Engineered for Longevity & Performance

Proprietary ultra-fine micrograin carbide substrate combined with low-friction geometry and enhanced CVD coating technology make GWS thread whirlers leaders in high performance single and double-lead thread whirling.

Medical Industry Applications

The Zombie was designed for parts such as bone screws and customized fasteners for complex medical and aerospace applications.