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GWS Regrind Program Customer Benefits: Quality and Performance

The Regrind Program ensures your tools will be reconditioned to perform as good as a new manufactured tool. GWS Tool Group has a regrind solution that will meet your requirements.

  • Customer portal to track process to and from manufacturer
  • Custom etching on regrinds to insure operator has the correct tools
  • Free or reduced shipping based on quantity
  • Standard, Custom, or non GWS Tool Group
  • Geometries on regrinds superior to others
  • Soft cost savings on reduction of administrative time
  • Hard cost savings for materials
  • Reduction of inventory
  • Direct communication for manufacturing specific products
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A Smarter Way to Regrind

The GWS Tool Reconditioning program regrinds your worn out, chipped and used tools back to newly manufactured tool quality.

  • Quick Turnaround
    Significantly less than new tool manufacture.
  • Inventory Management
    We can accurately predict the number of regrinds of which your tool is capable, in turn, reducing new tool inventory. We also provide custom laser etching/labeling for your regrinds.
  • Communication
    Our Tool Tracking System gives you a customized communication experience. We provide live to the minute information on your tool’s regrind process and keep everything accessible through the cloud.
  • Quality
    Our regrinds aren’t just made to be as good as your brand new tools, they’re reground via your exact specifications, and if applicable, recoated in house with GWS premium coatings.
  • Cost Savings
    Material costs, manufacturing process time, volume shipping and inventory reduction prove the cost savings of a GWS Regrind. Our cost savings are data-driven, not anecdotal. The Regrind Portal tracks and provides real-time comparisons between regrinds and the purchase of new tools.

The GWS Portal – Track your current regrinds to stay on top of your tool inventory.

We customize your portal and tailor it to your needs.

Industry Regrind Tracking Challenges:

GWS Tool Group Regrind Program delivers performance and solutions that address regrind tracking challenges in the industry today.

GWS Tool Group Regrind Program: Intuitive and Simple

The program provides custom solutions to every individual customer.  We work on a milestone basis to track processes.

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