Series Bal-Tap


  • Extended tap life
  • Improved part surface finish
  • Faster tapping speeds
  • CFC Tricloroethane-free composition
  • Adherence to the wall of the part for improved tap lubrication
  • Maintains its EP film strength under extreme pressure and temperature



Work Materials

Series Data

Part part_description taps_amount Stock
00002 BAL-TAP "S" Pint Bottle 16 OZ 95
00003 BAL-TAP "S" Case of Pint Bottles 12 x 16 OZ 19
00004 BAL-TAP "S" 5-Gallon Pail 5 GAL 2
00005 BAL-TAP "S" 55-Gallon Drum 55 GAL 0
00006 BAL-TAP "S" Case of Gallon Bottles 1 GAL 25

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