As we’ve mentioned before, every metalworking application presents its own set of variables that can create a BIG dilemma and even bigger roadblocks. Too often, the real solutions are just beyond the reach of today’s stock tooling. Insert GWS to the equation! 

The Second Chance

Often in our industry, service capability and personal touch are just as important as tool costs and performance. In this case, GWS brought both to bear in a significant way for our customer and a once-missed opportunity that we were being given a second chance on. This time, it was with a medical manufacturing company in Connersville, Indiana. 

We all know that there is nothing standard about the medical industry, and this challenge is no different. The specific project that GWS was brought on to tackle was threading a bone screw out of 6Al4V-Ti Titanium and then finishing the hole on the backside with a custom drill. Shannon Grismore, a GWS Applications Specialist, was given the opportunity to requote on the two machining elements of the bone screw via Rob Thomas, the Manufacturing Engineer at the medical manufacturing company. 

The GWS Strategy

Like any application, GWS starts the process with our application specialists listening to the customer, their problem, and experience with their machining results year to date. In working with both Rob as well as Zach Tanner from Quality Mill Supply, GWS specialists and engineers got together to discuss the best solution. 

In this instance, the design and application were very specific. We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel here. We just needed to deliver the part, exactly how they specified, and capitalize on GWS speed and quality to deliver. And we did just that. Our partner was using an international manufacturer that had to work across many time zones and shipping facilities to get their tools delivered at the fastest, in 5 weeks. With Shannon’s help and the proximity of our Michigan facility for the step reamer and the Indiana facility for the uncoated thread whirling insert, we delivered in less than 2 weeks.

The Results

The step drill needed to be tested ASAP and when we say that, we mean, yesterday. With the help of Fred Edmonson (General Manager at GWS-MI), they had a step drill in their hands in 2 days for testing. Test inserts were delivered in the same timeframe and also performed well, meeting tool life and finish expectations. But exceeded in delivery time and personal service. 

Assuming tools could be made to meet quality expectations, the real value here to the customer was service delivery. To this end, GWS was able to pivot and accommodate the customers’ needs in the tight timeline they required (days instead of weeks), and this made all the difference. If you need Lightning Fast Service, learn more here. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any of your custom tool needs. You’ll be able to talk to someone right here in the United States, and quite possibly your backyard. Email our sales team or call 877-GWS-TOOL (877-497-8665) for more information.